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Reinforcing the narrative against Islam

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Is altering signature on cheque a material alteration of the cheque?

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Liability associated with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in organizational and Business setup

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Understanding section 24 an 25 of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

Understanding section 24 an 25 of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

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Rationalizing proliferation with respect to net neutrality

Rationalizing proliferation with respect to net neutrality

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North Korea’s Nuclear Test (Prejudice)

North Korea’s Nuclear Test (Prejudice)

On Friday, 9th of September North Korea conducted a nuclear test for the fifth time on the country’s National Day. The only difference is that this time it was successful and much more powerful. This had led to outrage all over the world, with many leaders reacting angrily. China opposed the test, with South Korea […]

From a very western perspective, the narrative against Islam and that of Islamist fundamentalism has been imposed in ways more than we are aware of. And in most cases, this narrative has worked in favor of terrorist groups, mainly, the Islamic State.
Here’s why:

The rhetoric of Donald Trump is the same as the rhetoric of the ISIS. Both sides argue, and rather agree that there is a war waging between the West and Islam.
Ostensibly, the Islamic State wants to destroy the west. But let’s not forget what’s happening in addition to all of that: Jihadi groups don’t just attack Western targets. They target schools and markets in Muslim countries too. And unfortunately, the western media does not care enough about such incidents enough (mostly by virtue of logistical reasons).
The war that is being cast by Donald Trump clearly misses context – And clearly so, because it harms and creates an inconvenience for the propaganda he tries to push. What is not being told to the masses is that the major targets of these terrorist groups – mostly creating terror to prove their power, are people of the Muslim world.
However, blanket statements made against the entire Muslim community, without understanding the troubled nature of those individuals who owe allegiance to the ISIS, work to the alienation of the “gray zone”: The well adjusted Muslims of the Western world. The ISIS wants to eliminate this gray zone. And Trump is doing this for them.
When the world conveniently shrugs its shoulders when terror strikes Bhagdad and Kabul, but is rendered shocked and stunned when the incidents happen in Orlando and Paris, the message sent across is: Muslim lives do not matter as much to us (West). And this is even more problematic because the world sees these cities as war torn. These selective responses, howsoever unintentional, widen the yawning gap between the Muslims and the West, and in doing so, plays into the hands of Jihadi groups.


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  1. […] the previous prejudice post (Reinforcing the Narrative Against Islam: , I argued that the West reinforces a narrative against Islam. And one of the major ramifications […]


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